Does Charger being always plugged cause Overheat


Jun 12, 2015

I use my laptop mainly for Gaming and almost always (When in use) its connected to the Charger. If the charger is removed I get a 5-10Fps drop and gradually dropping more till the charger is conected again, so its always Connected. My Laptop also has a overheat problem. I want to know if this can be cause it.



No, the charger being plugged in does not cause overheating. Gaming causes overheating. Most laptops are not designed with the type of cooling necessary for continuous gaming loads. If you do not have a laptop with a discreet graphics card and dual internal fan cooling, then it's doubtful you are going to be able to do much about the temps. Using a laptop cooler underneath it might help a little, but I wouldn't expect any great improvement.

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