does it matter which bay your boot drive is in? Dell laptop M6600

Feb 20, 2018
Good morning!

I've got a Dell M6600 laptop. It has 2 internal bays. The officially designated primary drive bay is the one near the side of the laptop. The secondary drive bay is to the right of the battery.

My question; does it matter which one actually is the boot drive? The reason I'm asking is that I've installed a 500g Samsung SSD as the boot drive, and it does not want to seat in the primary bay.

It's not a bios issue, it's a physical connection issue.

I've noticed that it's a little bit thinner than the Seagate 7,200 rpm drive it is replacing. Anyway, the dell does not 'see' the SSD. However, when I put the Samsung SSD in the 2nd bay, all is well. The laptop sees it just fine, and it appears to work just fine.

I then put a huge 2nd drive in the primary bay.

Will the approach work? Are there any disadvantages to doing this?

My intention is to use the laptop for music production, and so I need it to operate at a high level.

Any thoughts are welcomed!



Mar 31, 2011

Its physical location shouldn't matter. What matters is what the PC's BIOS sees and what the user sets as the boot device.

In a nutshell -It's working fine for your needs so if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
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