does Nikon camera pcb unit comes under warrenty?


Oct 23, 2017
I took my camera to Nikon service centre before 3 days of warranty period lapse. They said my charger's USB cable is rusted and damaged. If I buy a new one then it will work fine. I bought one. But then first time when I tried to charge with that, it was not charging. Then very next day I went to Nikon service centre again and they kept the camera. Next day they said my camera's pcb unit is damaged so I have to pay Rs. 6800/- to repair it because my warranty is over now. So I just want to know whether camera's pcb unit comes with warranty or not??
Please help me..
I'm very much in trouble.
call nikion dont speed with customer rep that picks up or a tech. ask for a customer relation/support level 2 or higher or manager. have the paper work from the repair center with you. tell them the unit should be repaired under warranty as it was in there repair center 3 days before it went out of warranty. that the repair tech made an error on what was wrong with the product and you went back to the repair center and they said the part had failed and was not the usb cable that they told you 3 days ago was bad. they should give you a one time warranty repair due to the cam was in the shop before it went out of warrany. if they wont help contact the owner of the repair center for the unit to be repair at there cost due to tech error.
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