Download a free cd burner for a toshiba laptop


Oct 9, 2012
i have a toshiba laptop with windows 7 i have burned music to cds a bunch of times, now its saying to connect a device or make sure burner is installed, what should i do..?? any help will be appreciated


Oct 6, 2009
Fist have you tried a new CD to see if that one is bad? I would guess yes so second maybe the software your using setting got changed or software got corrupt? I will put a link to a free CD/DVD burning software that I use at the bottom of the post for you to try, just don't install whatever freeware is bundled with it as I do not recommend anything it installs other then the CD/DVD burning software itself. Third I would try a CD/DVD cleaner, it is a CD with little wipes on the bottom of it to try and remove any dust that may have settled on the laser lens and if that did not work you may be out of luck with the CD/DVD drive on your laptop so all you can do at that point is buy an external USB CD/DVD burner or replace the one installed in the laptop.