dropped phone on floor,nothing seems to be working.


Nov 28, 2015
use the phone for almost 2 years..last night i dropped it and its dead..tried to reboot but not working(vol down and power also didnt work), tried to charged but no charging led(charged overnight), screen and other buttons also does not light up..tried to connect it to pc still cannot detect the phone. is it a connector problem? i can teardown the phone..but how do i know which part need to be fix??



Jul 6, 2015
Forgive me for saying this - but - It sounds abundantly clear that the 'typical' thing has happened that happens to most, if not all, small electronics gadgets when they have been dropped on the floor. It seems to have suffered a catastrophic failure from something internal sustaining physical damage. Take it to a repair guy - if such a thing still exists or replace it. I just replaced my cellphone on Saturday just gone and while there I saw a phone that had been dropped, just like yours, but that one now had a broken screen... It happens...

Can you justify the cost of repair - I'll bet not. It's probably cheaper to replace it... However, I hope I am wrong in your case...

Good luck my friend...

Oh - One last piece of advice... Get a wallet or holder for it, like I did. It "might" save it if there is a next time.. I too have learned, the hard way that even though a wallet looks ugly and you can't show off your prized new phone, that they do save them from knocks and bumps and the occasional drop,, believe me...