Question DT 990 Pro 250 ohms vs DT 990 Premium headphones 250 ohms

Aug 21, 2020
I'm planning to buy a new set of phones. Its down to Beyerdynamic DT-990s 250ohm. They have some good reviews, good build quality, look very comfortable. Lastly I see there are two types. pro and premium which have a large price difference. Anyone experienced with these to comment on the differences? Even Byers website is not clear on this. Are the premiums worth over $100 more than the pros?

also the dt990 pro 250 ohm have better bass , better mids and clear sound from DT 990 250 ohm Premium is is true??

some people say that The Pros have slightly more bass and less treble, but the frequency response curve is already plenty V-shaped on the Premiums.

also some people say that the premium offer plenty of oomf and crisper highs, resulting in a fun and open sound. The Pros are a bit less roomy and can sound a tad muddled on less well-mixed tracks.

do y believe that the premium have more plenty of oomf and crisper highs and biger soundstage from pros/??

the premium is more v-shaped from pros/??

do you agree??

So people what's your choice?
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