Question DT 990 Pros 80 ohms

Feb 21, 2020
Hey guys!

First off, I am very sorry if im reposting something that has been asked before.. Im sure I am but when I was looking through threads I didn't really see any.

So I built my first PC with the ASUS Maximus XI Hero Motherboard and im wondering if there is a certain driver I need to go with these headphones?

I was using the Astro A50's and still always struggles with sounds in that game. Well the A50s finally crapped out so I figured I would try out the DT 990's since I see a lot of pros using them. My only problem is I am now seeing that I should have purchased the 240 ohms?? Do they really have that much better sound? I also seen something about the 770's being better then the 990s?

I also bought the FiiO E10K as well.. It dosnt really seem like it makes it any more clear.. Is it because I am using the 80 ohms with an amp?? Is it because I am using the 80 ohms and its being drowned out by more bass??

What exactly can I do to help with any of this? Reorder the 240 ohms..? Get a better soundcard or amp..? Is there an aftermarket driver/eq that works?

Please help!! :(

Also, Thank you so much in advance!