Question Dual voltage switch?

Dec 17, 2021
This isn't quite a Smart "Home" question, but close, so I hope someone can point me in a direction.

I am the tech person for a small Science Museum, and use a fair number of smart plugs (north of 30) to control exhibits, etc. I would love to add 2 Smart switchs to control some specific florescent lights also. The problem is they are 277v commercial lighting circuits. Does anyone know of a WIFI capable switch that will handle 277? Lutron has a "companion" switch that is readily available, but it needs a primary switch to work with which seems to be nowhere to be found in that voltage. My Google-fu is failing me. As an absolute last resort, I can do it with a contactor and a regular switch, but it will take some serious rewiring, so I am hoping someone knows of an off-the-shelf switch that will do it. Thanks for any help you can give me.
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