DvArchive 3.1 wont open anymore



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When i click the shortcut it flashes the yellow opening box with the version
number and gerry's name then nothing. I reinstalled java and dvarchive and
get the same thing. Winxp Pro with sp2.


Archived from groups: alt.video.ptv.replaytv (More info?)

On Fri, 19 Nov 2004 13:58:41 GMT, John in Detroit
<Blanked@sbcglobal.net> wrote:


>in 9x they are in c:\windows (Unless you specified elsewhere during
>installation, I don't recall if you can, or If I did)

You can, although I have never had a need to. It may be necessary if
you're trying to restore a Windows backup of a system disk.

>IN all versions if you open a MS DOS or COMMAND prompt and type the
>following you will find them
>If you are not at C:\> type "CD \" and press enter (no quotes, do not
>forget the space) if you type this at c:\> it won't do anything bad (or
>anything good either, it will simply do nothing)
>Then type, again w/o quotes and do not forget spaces: "DIR DV*.XML /S"
>And once again press enter.
>DOS (or the dos emulator) will find the files for you, no problem

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