DVD has surround sound, TV does not


Aug 11, 2016
My DVD player has surround sound - TV does not. I can provide scans of schematics i have drawn of each component.

Samsung Plasma TV HP R 5072C
YAMAHA Tuner HTR 5540
Pioneer DVR 510H-S DVD player
4 external surround sound speakers plus sub woofer plus big speaker


most of the inputs for the receiver look to be 2.0 only. you may want to check the manual to see if the optical and coax inputs are also 2.0 or are surround as these would be your only choices it seems. they might also be 2.0

likewise, check if your tv can output greater than 2.0 on the optical or coax outputs. it may or may not.

if both devices support greater than 2.0 on these ports (and if they support the same formats) you should be able to get it working. if they do not, then you're likely stuck with stereo only with upscaling with dolby pro logic to surround
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