DVD player options for 1080i DLP.

Oct 12, 2013
Got a nice big family room in the new house and building a system with some old spare equipment for it. Old stuff, but this does not have to be state of the art...simply...good enough for a family room. I have an old Mits HC3000U dlp, a Yamaha DSPA2070, full complement of Defintive speakers and a 12" powered sub.
I'm looking for a decent [relatively inexpensive] DVD player to feed the 1080i projector and the old Yamaha. Source will be DVDs mostly. [Maybe hook a ROKU in to the system].
Thoughts on DVD players to get best video from such antiquated equipment?
Your projector is 1280x768 so you would use 720p. A Blu-Ray makes more sense as Wolfshadw says. Pretty cheap ones out there.
You only have one HDMI input so since your Yamaha doesn't have HMDI switching you will need to get one that does since Roku does not have separate audio out (at least the new ones don't). Or you could get one of these to extract the audio from the HDMI
Oct 12, 2013
Thanks for the heads up on the newegg. HDM converter.

I was going to scrap the whole idea since all the inexpensive blu ray players don't have analog audio outs forcing me to buy a new rcvr which defeats he whole purpose of this system.

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