Jun 23, 2013
Hi all, sorry if this is in the wrong place. I have some video files with subtitles in SRT. format. I cannot seem to find a way to burn these to DVD with the subtitles working. The video is no problem, the subtitles just don't appear. I've looked at all the big software manufacturers but none of the seem to support subtitles! Is this basic function available with any software? I'm trying DVD Flick at the moment but I'd love all the bells and whistles.
Any suggestions?

Well DVD Flick does it and it's free. I would still like to buy a prog with more/better menu options etc.

I want the control of menus etc but can't find one that allows me to add SRT subtitle files. Even tried DVD Lab 2 pro, which is supposed to be the bees knees but the video is MPEG4 and it won't even see them!!!!