Question DVI Pc to HDMI Samsung tv Timeing out/ Screen showing for a few seconds

Jul 10, 2019
I have a DVI slot in the pc, a converter is in the slot (converts Dvi to HDMI) which i connected to the Samsung Smart tv (HDMI), it worked for about an hour or so, afterwards I do not know what happened, but as I project the screen now to the Tv it shows the PC screen for 1-2 seconds and afterwards it starts to snow.

Plugging in from a laptop through HDMI to HDMI Tv it works.

Pc only has VGA and DVI slots.

Can anyone help me fix this please?

Thank You.

PS. Yes i did all the driver updates to make sure all is fine
Tried switching to different resolutions, nothing
Cables are fine checked them
Jun 14, 2019
My PC also has DVI/VGA slots. I had the same problem with my old HDMI cable. I've been using this HDMI splitter for a couple of months and it seems to work fine.
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