DVI to HDMI adapter to 40" samsung series 6 lag, tatency.


Aug 24, 2007
hello guys,

i have a lttile problem with my setup up. my PC can most games at decent resolution. my system is built 8800GTX ( little old i know but it still rock for me) which doesn't have HDMI port. i have 24" LCD and i can play in 1080p with some games.

the problem is that i have LCD Samsung 40" series 6 with both VGA and HDMI input. the VGA is excellent but its useless for my situation and i need a cable longer 5 meters. i went to DVI to HDMI adapter with 6 meters cable long and its good for watching movies.

when i play games, i can see latency or lag in the picture. i try everything possible and there is no use. the 40" is 4ms and the 24" is 5 ms , so the problem is not with time latency or MHZ since both are 120MHZ.

is there any way, software, configuration in the setting to get better or its form the adapter DVI to HDMi?

thank you


Sep 2, 2009
I don't know if there is a term for it but your thread got spammed.
As far as your problem my only guess is that your HDMI cable is too long for the gaming. Is it really 6 meters long? What gauge is it? If you need it that long I would try a 22AWG HDMI cable. I have read that passes 1080P better than 24AWG and up.
Or you could move your computer closer and get a shorter cable (or try that first as a test and see if your gameplay improves).


KingZeze84 -

Could you keep me up to date on this issue and what you do to get it resolved? I'll be going 1080p later this year when I upgrade my projector. Like you, the projector isn't near the PC. I'd put it between 4 and 5 meters.

If you could post updates in this thread, I'd appreciate it.

-Wolf sends


Dec 6, 2009
The length of the hdmi cable is of small consequence.
It only takes 1e-7 seconds for an hdmi signal to travel 18 meters, which is imperceptible to humans. Of course a 6-meter cable makes it shorter.

I think your problem lies with your tv setup. Other people report similar problems:

I think it would be silly to buy an expensive hdmi cable because the signal is digital: you are either getting a signal or you aren't. But the other suggestions that the link describes seem sound.


Apr 17, 2010
I have a samsung lcd tv series 6. The problem that you may be having is with the auto motion plus.

I turn it off when playing games as it seems to cause lag.

my specs.
2.7ghz amd x2
4gigs of ram
4890 ati
gigabyte udp4 mobo

I noticed it more with windows xp pro 32bit

When I switched to win 7 64bit it seems a bit better.

hope this may help, as I have no lag problem with the tv and can even play crysis max settings without lag. BFBC2 , Metro2033 all are good.
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