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Aug 20, 2016
ok this is what i now have and working good but because it is getting old new cameras are getting hard to find anymore.
i have a zmodo type dvr that has 16 camera ability with 8 analog zmodo cameras on it and 4 cameras the you can switch from tvi, ahd,cvi, cvbs. and i have them set ti the tvi mode. i do not know what the resolution is some are great some are not so great. in their normal view they all look good but if i do a zoom they get real grainy.
i also have an 8ch nvr do not know the make anymore but it has the same user interface as this one on ebay. ( this link is to the same board i'm trying to get to work. my current nvr has the exact menu )

i got but this one, but it will not let me add any of the same cameras i have on the nvr i'm now using.
believe it or not this ebay board as they call it will find the zmodo cameras and i can plug in any of them and see them on the monitor perfect. and it will find all the ip cameras ip address that the nvr shows but it will not let me past the username and password. now the nvr i have in use will search the same way and when it asks for the username and password for each camera i enter it and the current nvr shows the cameras.

however this ebay unit will find the cameras the exact same way but when i enter the same username and password it goes back to the same questions and will not show any ip camera.

now i went to a website that has this exact same board all the numbers are exactly the same and i downloaded the firmware and tried to re flash this board and it would not reflash when i put the thumb stick in the usb port and powered it up. or even if i went into the menu and tried to do an upload and run it. it said wrong files. the board is online but it will not find the update files either.

so does anyone know how to get one of these boards to let me reflash the firmware, or how to get it to go past the username and password after it finds the ip cameras by their ip address? i even took a spare cam and rest it so it would use the default un that is admin and 123456 for default password and this board still fails to see it. any help on this sure would be good to be able to get this board to work.

i also tried to locate a new unit that would let me see all the cameras i have some call it a 5 into 1 some said i need a 4 into 1 but the cctv world website tole me the 4 into 1 are just cameras and the 5 into 1 are the recorders. so if i was to get a 5 into 1 recorder can anyone help me find one that will alow the older cameras and the newer cameras as the older cameras i have now are starting to fail, that is the reason i'm looking for a new unit as the old dvr will not show many of the newer cameras. i have a box full that it will not play. thanks bob p.
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