Dying HDD?


Oct 3, 2012
First of all, hi!

Basically a few days ago my flatmate came to me with his laptop not being able to boot and asked me to take a look at it. So I turned it on and there seemed to be a clicking noise coming from the HDD and it claiming there was nothing to boot from. After wrestling with it for a while I managed to get it to actually boot and load up windows in safe mode and eventually normal. Even still safe mode was taking a good 20-30 mins to load up to a useable state. When I finally got to the desktop the laptop seems unresponsive and hangs when trying to do things. I ran multiple virus, malware scans etc. and nothing came up.
Next I tried checking the HDD with chkdsk, this came up with multiple 'File record segment ##### is unreadable'. I left this running and it seems to attempt to fix things but I think it maybe cuts out half way and restarts with no change to the performance of the laptop. I have ran chkdsk multiple times with the same results just to make sure.
From what I gather the laptop is quite old and looks like it's taken a few knocks over the years!

If anyone could possibly give an opinion over the state of the machine, that would be great!

Dell Inspiron 1545
Intel Celeron dual-core
4gb ram


Jul 10, 2008
Sounds like the hard drive. Try another drive in the laptop, or hook the drive from the laptop up to an external dock and try reading it on another computer.