Question Earbuds pair to phone before each other

Apr 14, 2021
I have some F9 5.0 bluetooth earbuds which used to work fine. The problem now is that when i power them on, one will connect to my iPhone and the other won't connect at all. I have to disable Bluetooth on my phone first to allow the earbuds to see each other first and pair, then enable Bluetooth on the phone and manually connect them in. Both red and blue LEDS flash when powering on the buds, so it looks like they're forgetting the fact they're paired to each other (once you allow it whilst disabling BT on the phone). Pairing takes around 12 seconds. This all started when i tried pairing the earbuds to my watch. Have completely removed that pairing now. Definitely seems an issue with the buds. Have tried to reset them but no luck. Anyway know any button presses which might fix this? They are physical buttons on the earbuds, not the touch sensitive type. Thanks
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