EASY Expense App


Jan 16, 2016
We are looking for an app that is easy and uncomplicated enough to be used by several employees to send in receipts daily. It needs to be able to capture receipts and send them in a printable format (not JPEG or any other photo format). I will need to print them as I receive them and photo printing is too slow and takes too much ink.

It will be used by guys whose expertise and strength is in construction and woodworking - not technical stuff. The app needs to be simple enough that they can use their phone to capture the receipt as soon as they get back into their truck after leaving the lumberyard or supply house. Although linking directly to bank cards would be so much easier, they need to be able to write on the receipt indicating the job name and the phase code of the job (what this particular material will be used for -- framing, plumbing, etc).

If it is to have any chance of working like clockwork it HAS to be uncomplicated and quick. They will all have a smart phone, but some will be iOS and some will be android. PLEASE HELP --




To keep it uncomplicated and quick on the employee side just let them print the information on the receipt, take a photo, and email the photo to you.

I did note you do not want JPEG or any other photo format. However, you can take the photo and convert it to .pdf.

There are programs out there to do that - example:

[link removed]

On your end you set up an email folder for each employee and have his or her incoming emails directed to that folder.

You open each email, convert the .jpg and record the necessary information in a spreadsheet or database or a database (e.g., Access) that can pull the data from the spreadsheet to generate job reports including totals by job, employee, purchase location.

That makes it very simple for the employees and gives you the most control on your end to automate and create reports as warranted.

You also will have much less hassle with the problems of updating smartphones by loading/reloading apps on them. And you probably already know that construction and woodworking environments are hard on such devices.

Not too much to ask the the employees to print clearly on the receipt, take a photograph, and email it to you. You may have a bigger problem just getting legible receipts from the cash registers.....

And, by the way, do not be concerned about using a database. They are not complicated per se and if you can use Excel or other spreadsheet, a database will not be much of a problem. And the reporting and search capabilities are quite extensive. Wizards can generate the basic reporting formats with little work on your part.

One more suggestion: if you are lucky enough to be near a college you may be able to find a program that needs "final project" type assignments for graduating students. Especially graduate level students. You may be able to get free assistance to set up and implement a system that works. You should be able to "interview" several students and pick one. Sometimes they work in teams.....