Ebay MDR-V6/V700DJ from China?


Jan 7, 2009
So, I noticed I can order a set of Sony MDR-V6 for $60 and MDR-V700DJ for $31, and even a MDR-V900HD for $41 with shipping cluded, but it's all from China.
Well, maybe I'm just a little cautious :whistle: about buying things form China that are much cheaper than buying local. They both claim about 10-20 business days for shipping though (which I can handle, as longh as they actually arrive).
So, should I just take the plunge and order them, and see if I can get the three sets for less than the cost of a single one of them locally?

Or is it a gamble not worth taking?

If I do however, I will have to finally setup a credit/debit account with my bank, because using Paypal with my debit account usually takes 1-2 weeks...


Respectfully request you alter the baseline on your posts -- we're having a drive against "bad" words in order to avoid schools etc barring Toms.

I'm a fan of Sony headsets.

Still regularly use a pair of MDR 3L2 which were originally supplied with the first Walkman tape player at launch in 1979. And a pair of MDR 40 supplied with the Walkman Pro (bought in 1986). The Sonys are now between 25 and 30 years old and work well. Obviously, rewired and new foam several times.
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