Edifier s2.1d blown amp? need technical insight


Jan 23, 2009
Hey guys, not too long ago my edifiers stopped playing audio feeds via the digital port (SPDIF) , but i can play audio through the analog port (rca). Im not sure why this is happening... Ive read up somewhere that the amp powering the digital is separate from the analog, so this would be normal in the event that one of the amps blow.. (assuming theyre right)

my question is, is it an amp issue or a fuse issue?

I know it may be hard to tell, ive tried tinkering around with the speakers to narrow down the issue.. First and foremost, when the user occupies both ports with audio equipments, the digital signal takes precedence over the analog. So if my pc is playing via rca and i turn my ps3 on via optical, it automatically overrules until i turn the unit off. There is no physical switch to go from one input to the other.

Now when i connect the toslink cable from my ps3 and try to connect it to my edifier, my speakers give out static noises due to proximity of the laser ( since its not connected) but when i make contact with the port, the digital input doesnt kick in.. like it doesnt overrule the rca so i just hear my pc.

im wondering if anybody is able to address this issue. Edifier wont seem to help since the product is discontinued but i guess i can call them back and say i have the s330d since it A) they were the 2.1ds replacement B) they operate without an input switch


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