Editing Anime Series - Need Software Advice


Nov 26, 2010
I am editing all of One Piece and would like advice on what video editing software I should buy.

My computer

cpu: i7-2700k
memory: 16g
HDD: 1TB @7200
gpu: Crossfire 6870's

liquid cooling 5 fans etc etc.

I believe my comp can really handle some stuff even though the GPU is not as powerful, but for $200 (deal?) I got two pretty good cards.

I want one that will edit .mkv files, if not then point me in the direction of a good converter.

It would be sick if the program kept the subtitles from the episodes as I only watch the japanese version and having to do all of those myself would be just horrible.

Any help on this would be appreciated.

Rusting In Peace

Jul 2, 2009
Sweet! Are you getting rid of the credits + episode recap per chance? I've always wanted to view the episodes in a "seamless" manner i.e. you could queue them up in a playlist and it would just seem like one big show.

Can you elaborate on what you looking to do. If you are just looking to reduce content I think you could use any video editor to crop portions.


Nov 26, 2010
Yes sir I am getting rid of all the Opening and Ending Credits, Commercial Break Animations (unless I can't get the anime to match up well enough there will be a couple in there), and all of the filler content.

Anything that was not in the manga is being axed unless I like it and it flows with overall story and doesn't conflict with future events/fights.

I've already started with Marineforde since that is by far the most butchered arc they have done. Buggy's filler content is so vast that it slows down the story immensely, not to mention the numerous times Luffy screams 'Ace', or when everyone yelling Whitebeard!!! day and night.

I took off more than 25 minutes of Oars filler content with that damn hat of his.

I'm looking forward to killing off Hancocks scenes where she imagines marrying luffy for 10minutes at a time. These things, they damage my brain - tumors are coming I can feel it.

But the edit is coming along when I feel like doing it. Only thing I'm afraid of is that I might have to do all of the subtitles for the entire thing.

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