Elder scrolls online laptop?


Dec 7, 2012
Has anyone been able to find any specs/requirements info for Elder Scrolls online?
One site seems to say Beta will be available in the next few months, though Amazon has it for pre order, to be shipped on Dec. 31, 2013!!!

I was going to buy a new laptop during boxing week, is there any way I can ensure it will be able to handle the online game, or is all that is needed is a great internet connection? Do graphics cards matter in this case?


Yes. It does matter. What graphics card should you get without knowing the system requirements? That depends on the resolution you want to game at.

I would recommend at least the nVidia GT 635m for 1366x768 resolution, at least a GT 640m (not the 640m LE) for 1600x900 and at least a GT 660m for 1920x1080. The more performance you want, the more powerful graphic card you should get.