Electrical Discharge and build up from a Dell laptop whilst charging


Jan 21, 2016
I'm having a problem with my Dell E5430 regarding electric discharge when connected to a charger. This problem has only started to occur yesterday and has rendered my laptop useless. I can no longer confidently use my laptop without worrying about an electric shock or charge. Using earphones, my ear gets tickled by electricity and it is irritating, I am forced to take it off. When I use the mouse pad the electricity gets to my wrist and tickles me there, it is very uncomfortable. All my problems vanish as soon as the charger is unplugged and the laptop runs off the battery.

If I slide my finger tips across the lid of the laptop I can feel vibrations and bump as if a car is going down a rocky mountain. When the charger is pulled out it is as smooth as a motor way.

I have tried removing the battery, hard drive and other components such as the keyboard and wifi chip and then reassembling the laptop but still no luck. They do not make a difference.

I have read about other people's discussion regarding a 3 prong charger which I have always been using. I also gave tried a 90w charger which didn't do anything at all. I use the charger off a power strip but after using it directly from the wall plug I noticed that the intensity increased.

If you've already replaced the AC adapter with a different one and didn't solve the problem that means it's inside the laptops motherboard already. If its still under the factory warranty do send it back for a repair because that could potentially get worst and hurt somebody plus it will damage most of it's component inside it if you will continue using it with that problem.

Here are some other troubleshooting steps from Dell's support site that may help as well.