Question Elite audio EA-680 to TV please help

Apr 12, 2020
Hi there,
I got an entertainment system Elite Audio EA-680 from my friend but idk how to connect to my TV Sanyo PDP-42XR9DA (I'm useless with anything technology).
The Elite Audio had the AV cable (red,white and yellow) connections but the TV required the Coaxial cable.
What can I do?
The TV specs say it has an audio line output. This is should be via 2 RCA jacks.
I can't find much info on the Elite but it should have an analog stereo input. It could be 2 RCA jacks or a single 3,5mm stereo mini jack (headphone type). You would need the correct cable. Since the TV only has a stereo output you will need to select a surround sound mode for a stereo input to get sound out of all the speakers.
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