Question EliteBook Folio 9470m - BIOS Update Help!


Dec 24, 2008
HP EliteBook 9470m, Board: 18DF, BIOS: 68IBD Ver. F.44

Upgraded laptop to 16GB RAM and 1TB SSD. The install of Windows 10 Pro took almost 7-8 times as long as normal, which was weird. However, once installed, worked greats for 4 days. Then it crashed with a BSOD for "Critical Process Died".

  • Safe Boot: Failed
  • Power Bleed then Boot: Failed
  • Tried Windows "Reset" option: Failed
  • Tried Reset deleting all my data: Failed
So, in desperation, tried to reinstall Windows 10. The laptop wont boot from USB. Tried changing boot..

Legacy Only: Failed
UEFI Hybrid: Failed
UEFI Only: Failed

Tried booting from both an UEFI Install USB, and a Legacy install USB. Neither will work.

Attempted BIOS Update to F.73 Rev.A following HP download.

  • Ran installer on separate Win 10 Pro Machine
  • Selected Create Bootable USB option
  • Created USB
  • Inserted USB into laptop and booted: BIOS Update Failed
I figured that maybe the jump from V F.44 to F.73 was too much, aas there may have been big changes in subsequent versions prior to F.73.

Downloaded F.62 Rev.A & Made bootable USB: BIOS Update Failed
Downloaded F.69 Rev.A & Made bootable USB: BIOS Update Failed

Even tried manually setting up the BIOS USB with instructions off the HP site, with the following structure:

├── Hewlett-Packard
│ ├── BIOS
│ │ └── New
│ │ ├── 68IMT.BIN
│ │ └── 68IMT.sig
│ └── BIOSUpdate
│ ├── CryptRSA32.efi
│ ├── CryptRSA.efi
│ ├── HpBiosUpdate32.efi
│ ├── HpBiosUpdate32.s09
│ ├── HpBiosUpdate32.s12
│ ├── HpBiosUpdate32.sig
│ ├── HpBiosUpdate.efi
│ ├── HpBiosUpdate.log
│ ├── HpBiosUpdate.s09
│ ├── HpBiosUpdate.s12
│ └── HpBiosUpdate.sig
└── HpBiosUpdate.log

BIOS Update Failed.

System will still not boot. For further troubleshooting, I started the HP Hardware diagnostics, and on the RAM test, it crashed at 6%. Repeated the process 3 times, reseating RAM, same results.

Replaced RAM with a known working 8GB stick, passes Memory Test.

With a good stick of memory installed, repeated the processes above, SAME RESULTS.

How can I get this BIOS updated?? This is driving me up the wall, and causing issues. Advice?
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