Question Eluktronics p650rs-g

Mar 13, 2019
my laptop is having a strange issue. With cpu MShyper on, my laptop would work off of both the battery and the a.c. adaptor plugged in. But when I turn on cpu discrete mode, the laptop will work on battery life but will not as soon as I plug in a.c. adaptor. I have updated windows updates and latest nvidia drivers for my laptop ( I dont think any of these have to do with the problems though). I'm really confused about whether it is the charger, the battery, or inside the laptop such as the graphics card going south. Ive tested the laptop without battery connected, and using only charging power, the laptop will still not work. Does this indicate that the charger is bad? I dont know, but I 100% think that there is nothing wrong with the charger but do correct me if I'm wrong. Some of the screen errors showing are: blue, black, and sometimes orange(least likely), with a stop code Video TDR Failure. Any imformation and help would be great, thanks.