Question Email client options pls to block spam

Aug 18, 2021
Hi All

My first post here so not sure whether to post here or somewhere else.

I’m running Outlook on my iPad Pro and Samsung S9 mobile and Outlook is crap at filtering spam. I’m getting 20 spam emails a day. Moving messages to junk does nothing. Each day the same emails keep coming. I’m sick of deleting them.

Can someone please suggest some alternative email client options for iPad and android mobiles that are effective at blocking spam.

For context
  • I run Outlook and Norton’s Lifelock on my desktop PC which does filter spam, even fake Norton emails :)
  • I downloaded a Norton’s VPN app to my iPad. It it does nothing other than slow down my iPad :(
  • My internet provider is Optus here in Australia. Optus is not capturing all spam before it gets to my Outlook :(
There must be a solution, either free or paid, for managing spam emails on my iPad.
Please help, it’s driving me nuts!



Setup a new email account, make sure you update that where you need, bank info, streaming services, etc... Don't sign up for stuff like free games, free movies, free whatever, that want your email address, that is how it gets out to the spam world. Although sometimes a legitimate site with lower security gets hacked and the email list gets stolen and sold to spammers.