Emergency! Phone is dead, need Android phone recommendation.


Hi, my old Nokia is about to die. The touch screen is becoming unresponsive intermittently. Opened the phone and somewhat corroded inside. Must be because the way I use it.

1. What type of phone do you want? If it is a smart phone, what platform?

Smartphone (Android)

2. What is your budget?

Ok, I can spend up to $400 but I prefer to get as cheap as possible with all of my requirement met.

3. What is the size of the screen that you are considering?

7.5 cm (3 inches) and don't want to go over 8.75cm (3.5 inches). Don't want too big screen because more prone to scratches.

4. What screen resolution do you want?

At least 360p in 16:9 if 7.5cm (3 inches). Higher res for larger screen so quality is not compromised.

5. How much battery life do you need?

Doesn't matter

6. How much storage do you need?

Doesn't matter but must have microsd

7. If you are considering specific sites to buy from, please post their links.

Any online shop with good reputation that ships to Australia or in Australia.

8. What kind connectivity do you want?

GSM, 3G, Wifi, bluetooth. No CDMA!

9. Please tell us about the brands that you prefer to buy from them and the brands that you don't like and explain the reasons.

Just need quality. I heard HTC is quite good, are they? Just not a Motorola. Had bad problem with them before. Otherwise I am open to any brand.

No glass screen. Must be plastic that is ductile. Small scratches and dent after drop is good. But big no to cracking. Ok, I am not the most careful person when it comes to phone. I dropped my Nokia on hard concrete surface no less than 10 times from well over 1m and the phone just work without damage (small scratches and dents only).

10. What country do you live in?


11. What do you use it for?

Reading pdf, mp3 player (A2DP), alarm clock, sms, phone call, VOIP call, taking reminder notes, phone book, calendar reminder, GPS and map, internet (THW, YouTube, news, email) with wifi, emergency torch, emergency camera and video recorder, dictionary.

12. Please tell us any additional information if needed.

Must be network unlocked, VOIP, GPS if possible if not at least offline maps, Adobe Acrobat Reader, at least 2MP camera (LED flash if possible), touch screen.

I am wonder what app Android has. I have an answering machine to record message for calls to my phone on my Symbian phone. Is there something like that for Android. It will be good if they have it. I haven't paid for voice message bank for years after getting that program.

Is there something like phone torch program that keeps the led screen or led flash on for light. It is a handy tool and I use that alot too.

How is the flash player and web browser support on Android phone? Flash is not supported on iPhone only right? I need that because who wouldn't want to watch YouTube on mobile once in a while?

Also, there are so many version of Android OS. which one is the most current? Which one is the best? Is the newest always the best? Can you install newer Android OS to the phone?

Also, is the app from the app store going to be able to install to all version of Android OS? Because for Symbian S60, 3rd edition and 5th edition OS have different app as they are incompatible (I think that is the shortfall and ultimately lead to the death of the platform).

Sorry for my ignorance with Android OS. I have been using Symbian smart phone since Nokia 6600 days way before iPhone and Android. Since Nokia is dropping Symbian and haven't release anything decent since. I am left with Window, iPhone and Android. I choose Android because of its highest performance to price ratio, less fragile hardware (they are, are they?) No glass screen that crack in 1 drop. That is very very very important. Must be plastic that can withstand repeated drop from over 1m on concrete without cracking and what I think is more app than iPhone and Window, am I right?

Edit: Emergency! I think the touch screen is now permanently dead. :fou:

Luckily, I backed up everything when it was dying. But seriously, I cannot live without a smart phone.

Ok, I had a look at HTC Wildfire S. Will it do everything I want? It says the screen is gorilla glass, is it going to crack from a drop like what I described? I saw the iPhone gorilla glass drop test and it totally shatter. Is HTC's gorilla glass any different? Is it a good choice?

Also looking at Samsung Nexus S. Is it plastic or glass screen? I am getting conflicting results from reviews.

I am leaning toward Nexus S because of the better screen quality and there are videos of it surviving drops screen first onto concrete.


go to the manufacturers website, they should have a .pdf manual you can download. if you are unfamiliar with android it can help alot.

i'm going to take an educated guess on the symbols. i think i am correct but you still might want to check your manual to be sure.

the two arrows making a circle are often used for "refresh" as you said but in the case of an on/off switch similar symbols can also mean "turn on/turn off automatic data sync" which means programs can use your data connection to update themselves on a schedules (ie your email program searches for email and lets you know when it comes in).

if the symbol looks like a crosshair with a circle then this is often used for "gps location on/gps location off, 911 only" which means that programs/websites can access your gps location if you say yes on their screen so that you dont have to type in your location. it also means weather apps, places, etc can use this info. if you have it off then only 911 can trace your phone through gps (well police/phone companies can do it anytime they want with a warrant...but thats any phone).


Got the nexus s. Still getting used to Android. What are the functions of the icons on one of the homepage? There is one for wifi, one for Bluetooth, one for adaptive brightness and what about the other two? Can't figure out what they represent.


Don't have manual. One of the icon looks like a refresh button (two arrow making a circle), but I don't know what it is refreshing. May be news feed? But it can also be the auto rotate function, but auto rotate still works after it is deselected. The other looks like a crosshair. May be it is for improving touch screen accuracy, but I don't feel any difference.


Yeah, I figured out the GPS bit. I download the instruction but it is totally useless. I am going to see if there is a full manual. I still like the Nokia better in terms of control and user friendliness. It includes a help page on every function inside the phone. But without a doubt, the Nexus is much faster.

Edit: Found the full manual. I am going to work it out myself. If I have further problem. I am going to post a new question.
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