Epic Nintendo Switch sale has games from just $2 — here's my top 13 deals

Jan 18, 2024
Don't what? Is this not a legitimate question? I clicked on the links and went to Nintendo's website, and can't find anything for $2. So can the writer help me, or is it a lie?


Watch out for high blood pressure? The article states there are sales they'd recommend and mentions $2 deals, yet there are no mentions in the article about $2 deals. It's a crap article that you don't have to crappily defend
did you read?
If you click on "shop the entire digital sale" link in the article then click "shop all deals", then sort by price(low to high) there are alot of games for $1.99.
maybe instead of going mad on little thing, start reading the comment
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Jan 20, 2024
I created an account for this, but where are the $2 deals? Are there any or is this click bait?
Just use DekuDeals website instead. Yes lots of ad revenue clickbaity crap with these Google posts. Gets me every year at xmas with the INSIDE cheapest-best game ever-at lowest price ever post. BTW best game on sale currently is WILD CARD FOOTBALL ULTIMATE EDITION 50% OFF