Every time I click a link I am logged out.


Dec 17, 2012
I frequently use a local auction company's website and have recently ran into some trouble. Every time I lick a link or click a link to refresh the page I have to log back in. If I click refresh in the browser it pops up a message and I click retry and it will load without logging me out. I thought this was a problem with cookies so I added the domain to my list of trusted sites and it did not fix the issue. I temporarily changed IE9 settings to accept all cookies and this still did not fix the issue. This was happening on Windows Vista Home, and I did a clean install of Windows 7 Pro SP1, and the problem is still there even after the clean install. Could this be a hardware issue, or does anyone else have any ideas that will help me? Thank you in advance.


Have you tried a different browser like chrome or firefox? It may just be IE. If all browsers act this way then I'd assume either the web site got hacked or you may have some malware on your system.
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