Exclusive: Acer CEO Talks Wearables, Windows 10 and Why Gaming is 'Next Big Thing'

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Apr 9, 2014
Acer has been one of those companies with almost zero long term support. Go look for driver and BIOS updates for Acer and Gateway and you'll find almost nothing but the original drivers for older models. At least Dell does a better job in that respect and you'll likely find a lot of updates for older Dell computers. It's amusing to find an Acer with an automatic update program that runs for 4 years and never downloads a single update. Why was that installed if it did nothing but consume CPU and RAM resources for nothing? I'm not a fan of laptops in general but I'd look at the quality of support long term before buying one.


Well I've owned 3 Acers and I've noticed they only support drivers for the OS that was on the PC when the PC was purchased but that's how most people do it. They do it mainly because the drivers aren't written by Acer they are from Intel, ATI or Nvidia, Realtek or Soundblaster, HP, Epson and the other components makers. My newest Acer is a Windows 8 machine and it has done some updates using that utility. I recently purchased an Alienware and I get video card updates from Nvidia which means Dell installs the Nvidia drivers without modifications.

Application don't use ram or CPU unless you execute them. Plus if they don't do much they don't use as much ram or CPU. It's just like virus software ad you hope it finds nothing. Like I said i've purchased 3 Acers since 2006 and had only 1 issue a bas LCD cable after 2 years. The system i bought in 2006 I install Windows 7 (came with Vista) and all the drivers work and a friend is using it as his everyday computer.
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