ExpressVPN vs NordVPN: Which provider is best?

Nov 23, 2021
One big difference which is not mentioned in this article is that Bank of America phone app works on all ExpressVPN locations (in the US), while NordVPN ONLY works coming out of NYC, NY. I personally do not feel safe coming out of NYC, plus the added propagation time does not help Also, those connections are saturated, so sooner or later, you'll get bumped off. The whole reason I use a VPN is for secure banking and other secure sites.

With either service, whenever you search with Google on any browser, you'll have to successfully fill out an Re-Captcha form every time you search. Bing search does not seem to be affected, so I often use it instead of Google.

Having both services, NordVPN seems glitchy to me at times, where ExpressVPN seems transparent, as if your not even using a VPN. I do get disconnects with ExpressVPN on occasion, I only know because I can't get mail or browse.

Couldn't tell you if it works for streaming video, don't use that.

I make no money by writing this, I am coming from a consumer user side of things.

With having said all of this, I will be investigating Mozilla's new VPN service, it may also be a good choice. For now, I will stay with ExpressVPN over NordVPN.

The few times I've had issues with ExpressVPN, they've responded by email within 48hrs.
May 14, 2022
I'm a Linux sysadmin in the 50's from the far south-east of Sweden.
Just want to make a couple of corrections regarding CyberGhost VPN. I switched from NordVPN to the Romanians for about 6 months ago after eventually gotten fed up with daily connection loss.
CyberGhost have indeed both WireGuard and killswitch. They also offer a solid PrivacyGuard for free which covers all major browsers and M$ privacy and optimal settings. A Secuity Suite is also offeres for a fee I do not remember in writing time.
Last but in no any way the least, CybGhost are still to let me regarding connection...or anything else for that matter.

I strongly recommend CyberGhostVPN Just saying, it'rock steady alternative to ExpressVPN.
Just saying, take your time comparing before making a final descision and you'll be good to go