External Gpu express card problem, no Mini PCIE, USB 3.0


Dec 14, 2015
Hi Everybody,
I'm an Italian Guy from Turin.
There are some problem with my external graphic card adaptor.
I've bought a Pci express card riser 1x 16x whith Usb 3.0,
but i can't use express card or mini pci-e, because i haven't an express card slot or i can't reach the wireless card. It's under the keyboard, because i have an Hp sleekbook 15. And the problem is that the pc doesn't recognise the external gpu via usb.
So, these are my questions.
1) can i use the HDMI port directly?
2) can i use an express card reader via ubs? so in this case i could use the expresscard using the usb 3.0.
3)there is a way to use only my usb? directly connected to my riser card?

thank u so much.
sorry for my english.
You can't use HDMI for an external video card.

To find out if you can use some connector with USB you need to contact the vendor of the adapter.