Extremely messed up laptop


Apr 14, 2016
So here's what happened... My Asus laptop crashed, and after that it would only open the BIOS. I assumed it was a busted HDD and got a new drive. My mate gave me a USB disk to install windows 7 (formatted and everything). However, after connecting the drive, it wouldn't detect the usb. I messed with some settings and created admin passwords. I did something majorly stupid with the security settings. The thing died. Nows here's the weird part. With an HDD installed, the computer starts, but nothing appears on the screen. I can hear the drive and the fan working. Without an HDD the screen works, but it flickers random colors and I get some error about a PXE cable not being found. Is there any home for this piece of junk? Thanks

It seems like a motherboard problem to me since you've already replaced the HDD with a new one it should have been fixed already. Here are some additional troubleshooting steps that may help.
- First, do reset BIOS by pressing F9 then press F10 once done to Save and Exit.
- If it will still not work, open the laptop and remove the CMOS battery for a second then put it back in and see if that will make any difference.
- Next, test the new HDD as well, install it into a different PC or laptop and install Windows as well.
- Once Windows has been installed in the new HDD, install it back into the laptop having problems then see if it will work or not.
- Do also make sure that the HDD is seated all the way in because the PXE error is an indication that it's trying to boot from the Network since the HDD is not detected.

Here's also a thread about that same error you were getting that may also help.
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