Ez Digital TV question

Math Geek

Oct 15, 2014
that is simply an over the air digital antenna. it will receive whatever channels are broadcast for free in your local area. specs says it has a 30 mile range which means it should pick up anything within 30 miles of your house that is being sent out.

you will not get cable channels if that's what your thinking. instead you'll get the networks like abc, cbs and so on plus a bunch of pbs stuff. you may also get any number of other things depending on your area. i get about 30 channels over the air at my house which includes some channels that play a lot of old tv shows like sitcoms and westerns and so on. there's a couple of music channels as well if i recall right.

but you need to look at what is offered in your area before deciding. if you're in a city, then you'll have an easy time. if you're in a rural area then 30 miles may not be far enough to reach the nearest stations.


Mar 2, 2011
I stuck a $40 RCA antenna in my attic and get about 90 channels. I am about 30 miles north of Dallas and even pickup additional signals from Fox, CBS and MyTV from southern Oklahoma. The antenna lists a 70 mile range. I get multiples of each CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, PBS, MyTV, MeTV, Grit, Antenna TV, and lots of others. About 35 of them are shopping or Spanish, near, middle and far Eastern and even a Russian language station from somewhere that comes in occasionally. I run a four way splitter and one runs to a pc with a Haup quadtv tuner that works like a charm with Plex. I had reception trouble using the indoor powered antennas, but once i got an antenna in the attic all issues were resolved.