Face book log in

Tired Anna

Jan 29, 2016
I was locked out suddenly 4 days ago, a troll with the fake name reported me, when couldn't google me ... the irony!!

I sent through my ID, but I cannot use my birth name due to 1. abusive ex can find me 2. trolls threatened me and I was suddenly fake when they couldn't google me

Have been corresponding with fb, the new bot that replies to me tells me that I cannot be helped as I'm in the wrong section and closes the case.

None of my fb friends even know my surname, I'm still me, just with truncated name.. I know that their rules have changed as of December but I'm still being treated by t he old rules

Now getting emails that I have messages waiting for me ... not safe with birth surname to log in
I have to options ... go and forget 7 years of working hard at establishing contacts, or keep on hitting my head against the brick wall and keep on re opening the case daily

please help