Face-Off: Smartphone vs. Mirrorless Camera

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Jan 6, 2015
You also faked the image of one of the first photos of the guy on the rock. It has been artificially blurred around the guy to create bokeh. If it was a real photo the rock he is standing on would be sharp in line with where is standing. Not only that but you can see where you used the blur tool a bit too aggressively and blurred out the rims of his sunglasses.
Not only that but the perspective is exactly the same as the Samsung one, not only that, but the bride and her father are in the exact same position in the background. I would assert that you have just taken the Samsung photo and edited in some fake background blur and lied that it was the mirrorless camera.

Hard to take your article or your site seriously when you are faking photos in comparison articles...
Not open for further replies.