Question Facebook Account Got Hacked By Malware. Need Help !

Aug 4, 2023
Recently my laptop contracted a severe malware that I was fortunately able to remove. Hopefully completely scratched off with the help of Windows Defender and Virus Detector running at deep scan and full scan.

I knew it tried to hack me because my google logged out all my accounts because of dangerous activitiy. Problem is, I forgot my Facebook was on. I suddenly got kicked out of my account and was suprised by the password change my " by my laptop ", according to facebook, which I did not do by the way. This futher proves that I got some type of advanced malware I think.

Removed my number, Changed the associated email for code verification etc. Damn, made my frustrated and want to cry honestly.

Good thing that Facebook has this ID Identity Check Thing. They put my new binded account so that I can recieve the verification codes.

MAIN NEW PROBLEM : " You have tried entering too many codes. Try again later. " IS THIS NORMAL ????

Am I still dealing with a malware or an actual individual fighting over my account with me ?