Question Facebook account hacked and suspended - lost access to business page. Please Help.

Jul 12, 2022
Hi all, new here but hope someone can help, I received an email from Facebook to say "did you just log in from a new device from Leeds" (I'm in Cambridge) I very promptly then changed my password within 7 mins of receiving the email, when I then went to log in with the new password it said my account has been suspended as posts go against standards - child sexual exploitation, Bearing in mind I hadn't been on facebook for several hours and very rarely post anything on my personal page, the odd happy fathers day etc...
I've requested a review as clearly the person who logged in has done something and caused this suspension.
I have a business page linked to my account that I now cannot access and it's imperative for my business. I really don't know what to do, please help :)
PS - It has been 6 days and still says Review requested when I try to log in - If I then go to log out it says "are you sure, your account will be permanently disabled in 24 days"

Thank you in advance, Tom.
Jul 12, 2022
only facebook can help you with your facebook account
Thank you and understand this, was just hoping somebody may have experienced similar issue and could offer help on HOW to get in touch with facebook as seems near impossible, I'm in the UK and there appears to be no contact number, no live chat, no email, no simple way to communicate. It's ridiculous!
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