Question Factory reset Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2019?


Jul 8, 2018
I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2019 I bought brand new about 9 months ago. It's 32 gb internal storage and I have an SD card. I have put everything onto the sd card that I know how to. My tablet used to run great, now its getting sluggish and just not up to par. I've been told a factory reset should help. So, do I back up with Samsung cloud? If yes, how do I do this. I Googled but honestly I'm not real tech savvy and I don't want to mess this up. I dont have work type stuff on my tablet or anything critical, I just don't want to lose any pics but they are on SD card, I'd also like to keep my game progress on the few games I play. Is there anyone here that has the patience to explain in very simple terms what to do to be successful with resetting my tablet and how to back up my stuff? I would appreciate it so much, I don't have anyone around me that can help me. I just want my tablet to work better and not lose anything in the process. Any help would be appreciated but I understand if no one has the patience for this, I figured it couldn't hurt to ask.
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