failing led or failing cable any ideas


Aug 7, 2016
Hi first time posting but I'm having a weird problem I've never seen before its on a dell inspiron m5010 it bas between 1-6gb ram radeon 4250 video AMD 3 core CPU. Not sure if it's the screen or cable to the screen getting weird blue lines only on explorer chrome. Windows doesn't get it that's why I'm confused I play a movie full screen they aren't there so I'm kinda lost as to what I should do. I've use the HDMI port its fine no lines. Different ram thinking maybe it was failing I've seen something like this from that but that one didn't stop. Tried Linux that was worse I've checked all the connections many times. Not sure if this might be part of it but when I format a SD or a had it corrupts it any help would be great. Thank you for looking/reading
Have you updated the drivers? Also, have you tried using an external monitor and see if the problem happens on it as well? That would help narrow it down. :)