Question few seconds freezing only on battery

io me

Aug 28, 2014
I have a DELL XPS 15 9550.
Only when it's on battery, I experience this issue: everything stops responding for 10-15 seconds (mouse, audio... all freezes). I don't need to restart windows, if I just wait those seconds, it starts working normally again. But after some minutes, it will happen again.
No problem when plugged in. If I plug it while it's on freeze, it immediately starts working normally.

The issue started some days after I installed a new battery (sold as a DELL original battery), but I am not totally sure that it's the cause, because I think that in the same period there was also some update to the system.

Other info:
  • Unfortunately I cannot reinstall the old battery for troubleshooting purposes, because it's totally exhausted.
  • I tried to restore the system to a previous restore point, but the process always ended with a message warning me that restoring failed. I tried plenty of times and with different restore points, with no luck.
  • I updated all drivers.
  • I tried deleting the battery in device manager to force battery driver reinstall.
  • I disabled C-states in the BIOS.
  • I tried setting battery power management to high-performances.
Nothing worked. Any idea?
I would suggest you look at the battery to see if it is indeed an OEM one. Saying it is in an ad vs saying it is on the device are two totally different things. If your old one was an OEM one, then the new one should have the same information on it.

Did you check this?
I mean if you have the original battery still, compare the two. Otherwise, try looking up the info on the battery online. The SN etc. And check with the Dell site (or them direct) to see if it is actually a legit battery.

If it is, good. If it isn't, well then you need one that is. Either way, it is either not an actual OEM one and you need to return it and get one that is, or it is actually one, but is not functioning correctly, which means you would need to still return it and get them to send you a working one.
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