Find My Device Erase data feature? (Xperia)


Sep 27, 2013
Hi! I lost my phone earlier (Xperia XA1 Ultra) and Im trying to erase all files on the phone. There's no SD card but the phone is locked, Data was left on when I lost it. I tried to do Erase device using Find my Device with google and I got a confirmation message that the phone was "factory reset". I just want to confirm if this action erases everything including Photos and Videos? My friend tried also tried the same Erase Data feature on her own phone (Vivo phone), It was factory reset but the gallery was not deleted, so I just needed confirmation. One other friend has the same phone as me, and I had her check the factory reset option on our phone, and it says that factory reset will erase everything including photos and media. My friends phone (Vivo user) checked her factory reset settings and It doesnt include photos and gallery. I just wanted to confirm if this is the reason why her gallery files wasnt deleted.
Thanks much!
It depends. A "Factory Reset" can leave files, if that option is chosen. It usually gives you the option of one or the other. Try to save files or not. What we call a "Hard Reset" is when nothing is saved. The point being to totally wipe the device.

There is no way to know for sure with your phone without checking with the manufacturer, and with Google. There are different setups for different devices, even within the same line of devices. Plus different versions of Android and an other items on the device can alter this.

So check with the manufacturer first, and then Google.

In the future, you may want to get an service/app or two you can add to the device to not only lock all (including a SD card) but also give you the option to completely wipe the device. There are many services/apps out there for this.
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