Question Find My Stolen Mini Mac By Mac Address

Mar 15, 2019
My Mini Mac Stolen From My Office and I Think It's Stolen By My Colleague. All Of Them Are Software Engineer and I Think The Thief Will Install The Fresh Version of Mac OS X On The Stolen Mini Mac. So I Know I Can't Find It Any More By Find My Mac Ability Provided By Apple.
So I Went To Police Station and Gave Them Stolen Mini Mac's MAC ADDRESS For Wifi And Ethernet By Stolen Mini Mac's Box. The Police Told Me , They Can Send a Letter To All ISPs And Ask Them To Trace All Packets For The Sender MAC ADDRESS To Find My Mini Mac.

The First Question : Is It Possible ?!

The Second Question : If Thief Person , Use A Wifi Bundle To Access The Internet (Every External Wifi Bundle Has Unique MAC ADDRESS) , Can Police Still Find Him/Her ?!

Thank You All.

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