Finding Alienware Area-51 M15xR1 Parts Help


Jul 19, 2013
Hi computer experts, I am trying to build a Alienware Area-51 M15xR1 as kind of a experiment to building laptops and computer even though computers have a little more parts. The 2nd reason I'm trying to build it is because I "THINK" it might be cheaper than buying the newer ones which from what I saw was around $2,000. But I think because the laptop is little bit older (I think it was make in 2008) you either can't find it on or or I just can't see it on the websites so it is hard to find the correct information as far as hardware and the parts. I already found the barebones kit for it which includes:

Motherboard (MD2MB)
Cooling fan
Heatsink (FBMX3016010)

I think the basic things the barebones have (Except the keyboard which for some reason is not included and I guess I'll have to buy that too). And now since I can't find the information I don't exactly know what I need which I think is the:

Keyboard( :/)
Wireless Card(guessing it includes Bluetooth)
Hard drive
CD Drive (Didn't say it was included so I guess I have to get that)
GPU? (I haven't seen the motherboard in person so I'm not sure)

And I think that's it I hope tell me if I'm wrong. So now I'm having problems finding the proper components (Because lack of information) and I'm trying to figure out what my options are. So if someone knows what can fit in this laptop properly and the knows the where I can find them I would appreciate it very much.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. - if someone knows how I can change the front/top cover of the laptop because I was searching eBay for cheap parts (because where else are you going to look) and I found one that looked different and the barebones one looks too boring so can possibly explain that too.
Hi nick,

The long and short of it: building a laptop is not practical. At best, you might be able to source a barebones unit (if you can find a barebones Alienware system that's new), and then add the necessary components to it, but laptop components are generally not in as wide of circulation as desktop parts are, nor are they cheaper (depends on the component).

There's the NBR marketplace, if you want to go this route -

And, of course, eBay, as you mentioned. :)

If you want to keep costs down, try going refurbished or used. Or, if you're not set on Alienware, consider other brands that do sell systems barebones, such as MSI or Clevo.

Good luck!
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