Solved! (FIXED) laptop won't power, only optical drive LED and door works

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Jan 22, 2022
My DELL laptop won't power on, even with the charger.
When i plug the charger in, the optical drive's LED flashes and by pressing the door button, it opens, but EVERYTHING else is not responding, no fan noise, no other LEDs, nothing on the screen. What could cause this?

I replaced the CMOS battery, but now it won't surpass the DELL screen.
Many things could be wrong. It appears you have defective hardware. The internal power supply is working hence the drive will open, but there is a problem keeping the machine from starting. I doubt very much it is something you can repair. It needs to go to a shop.
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Jan 22, 2022
Hey guys! Thanks for the quick replies, but i got it working! The bios was confused because of the CMOS battery change. I forcefully booted into UEFI and when Windows loaded, it changed the time automatically and afterwards everything went smoothly.
Carry on!
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