Fizzy Drink spilt on laptop keyboard


Mar 11, 2015
Ok so here's what happened. Im playing dead space 3 and I get a call so I accidentally tip my phone over when trying to answer it. As I try to catch it; there's a two litre fizzy drink by the side and I accidentally hit that. I saw it coming; ignoring my phone I quickly took a cloth a wiped off the small spill. it was a really small spill so I didn't think anything was going to happen and I made sure I thoroughly cleaned it. As I continue playing my game the space button stopped working; ignoring that I decided to use the alternative middle mouse button to perform the action. then I couldn't walk back, my s button wasn't working. I quickly turned off the laptop and then turned it on again. This time on the keys B N 7 and 9 were working. I decided to place my laptop upside down for the night. Next day all the buttons don't work. my laptop is hp 4540s probook; any help. This incident happened yesterday.