News Forget Apple Studio display — Samsung M8 packs more features for half the price

Apr 28, 2022
I preorded the M8 for my Macbook pro with it arriving yesterday, returning it already. The thing is jammed pack with features - on paper seems like a real winner. But let me caution you, it's not a good everyday monitor. Despite tweaking the colors (as a monitor) always seemed either washed out or too bright. My eyes felt strained after an hour of usage (like a fast flicker was happening sometimes in the background). The detailed build quality was not good, and system / software locked up on me three times in an hour. Netflix looked great on it! Sound is ok and on par for internal speakers (no complaints there). Web cam resolution was average (ie fine), but sat up too high. I would like to see less of my room and more of me. You can lower the monitor which helps, but doesn't 100% address that it's simply too high up. My monitor kind of seemed like beta release v a finished product. Toggling between inputs is also a pain (but I suppose voice control could help with that). Maybe it's a lesson learned when you try to put too many good things into one, you compromise too much to excel in anything. But my product I got didn't seem like it was quite ready for release. My advise wait a generation for kinks to be worked out. The people who are reviewing I don't think spent much time using it as monitor or I just got a lemon.