News Forget iPhone SE: Motorola's new phone packs massive battery for half the price

Aug 26, 2020
I bought 2 Moto G7 Power phones for the battery life mostly, and I regret it.

The battery life is still great. We go 3 to sometimes even 5 days on a single charge. But that's mostly because we don't use these phones as much as we did our Note 5 phones. And that is because of the other issues that you will only realize after using Motorola's cheap phones for a while yourself.

The camera is awful when it comes to focusing. When it does finally focus, the moment is gone most of the time. Macro images and night shots? Forget about those on these phones.

Additional storage from an SD card sounded nice...until you realize that most of your most important apps either won't run at all from external storage, or run so slow that you must move them to internal storage to get anything done.

Doing anything is slower. While we knew that going in, after several months it just grates on your nerves to the point that you start looking at flagship phones again.

Most frustrating is Motorola's complete contempt for those that buy their phones. From day one we have had an issue with the (already poor) speaker. Every single first ring or notification sound is so low as to be almost muted. Hundreds (of not thousands) of Moto G7 Power users have complained for months about this - only to be entirely ignored by Motorola. This doesn't sound like a big deal until you miss a few important messages because you didn't hear the notification.

Buy a Motorola if you are really cash strapped and your old phone no longer works at all. But, if you can wait and save up the money for a real phone, I'd suggest doing that.