Forget titanium — this is the one Galaxy S24 Ultra upgrade that could beat all other phones


Nov 21, 2020
Because of DEX and attached stylus, Samsung stands out and with every new release, the DEX should get better and I hope samsung will offer inbuilt projector too.
Nov 26, 2023
Dex could do a few things. A real grown up desktop browser, not a mobile browser with desktop site clicked on settings. Chrome, edge, Firefox, whatever. Having a mobile browser severely limits utility.

Single tap to open files and folders.

The ability to adjust the screen ratio to fit whatever screen you happen to be using.

Bluetooth audio is forced through some apps and it doesn't work through an aux port. Zoom is a big offender.

Using a mouse is still clunky.

My opinion, and it has been said buy some reviewers, is that Dex should be scrapped and chrome os used instead.